Chicago Architecture Photo Gallery

While I was up in Chicago this weekend for the R.E.M. concert, I got to wander around downtown for the nth time. Just like every other time the architecture of the Windy City did not disappoint. No matter how many times you examine the city’s architecture there are new features and details to be found.

While I was in Chicago this past fall/winter for my architecture internship, the new Spertus building was still under construction. I had seen pictures since its completion, but Friday was the first time I saw the finished building up close. From pictures I thought I loved the building. However, upon further inspection I am somewhat disappointed. While I think it does a great job complementing its historic surroundings on Michigan Ave., the unique facade could’ve been more than ornamentation. I don’t understand why the architects did not incorporate the peaks and valleys of the glass facade into the floor plan of the building. Like a Gehry building that is visually stimulating with its unfettered undulations but (usually) lacking any connection to the floor plan, the Spertus’ glass facade excites the eye, but disappoints those looking for a comprehensive design.


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