Back to School with the building bloc(k)

In just under two weeks I’ll return to Ball State University to resume my final year of classes, ultimately culminating in my Master of Architecture with concentration in Historic Preservation. Finally. After four years of undergraduate studies at the the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign that dealt strictly with the core necessities for becoming an architect and a combination year of internship and more core, while graduate, courses, my studies will now be tailored to my specific interest in architecture, namely historic preservation.

Along with the required professional practicum and research methods courses, my work load consists of Historic Preservation Design Studio, Documentation and Registration of Historic Properties, and Historic Preservation Technology. I’m more into the “hands on” approach of historic preservation and therefore avoided taking the historic preservation classes dealing with the economics and laws of historic preservation. I very much look forward to this semester. While the past five years have dealt more often than not with my single greatest interest, architecture, I’m ready for the challenge presented by the historic preservation sub-field.

Follow the final chapter of my educational journey (Well at least as it stands right now, I don’t see myself continuing for doctoral degree. If and when that time comes, it will be in archeology anyway.) right here at the building bloc(k). From the ups (both in and out of class- learning something new and tailgating BSU football games) and downs (studio all-nighters and a winter as wet and snowy as last year) to the random and in between. It’s going to be a blast and its all going to unfold right here at the building bloc(k). Bookmark and check back for regular updates!


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