Archinect’s School Blog Project

Archinect is one of my favorite websites.  It’s a great resource that combines feature stories, news items, forum discussions and school blogs all relating to architecture for all registered users to participate (Note: You can peruse without being a registered member).  After years of finding interesting and pertinent news items I finally decided to register earlier this year and contribute the stories I came across and felt the greater architecture community would enjoy.

Then when the time rolled around for a new group of students to take over the School Blog Project, I submitted an “application” to be a participant.  Since I was already going to chronicle my final year of graduate work right here, I decided there was no easier way to get a ready and willing audience to partipate in my journey than through Archinect.  And when Archinect unvieled the new 50 or so blogs for this school year I was chosen to help out.  So over at Archinect, I have a space to blog about the happenings here at Ball State.  While mainly architecture specific, its interesting to see what other architecture students do with their limited free time.

Since you must register to leave comments and most of you all aren’t as architecturally inclined or interested, I’ll save you from having to fight through all the other architecture stuff, and continue to post here.  But I thought I’d just let you guys know that after years (I think I created my first website in 2000, and have “blogged” more or less continuously since 2003) I’ve finally gotten my “big break”.  I’m featured on a website that features prominently in the architecture world.


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