Louisville Ranked 29th Most Sustainable City

In it’s latest US City Sustainability Rankings SustainLane.com ranks Louisville as the 29th most sustainable city.  Up six spots from the last rankings (2006) SustainLane notes that sustainability is catching on and growing fast in Louisville.  Some criteria that boosted the ranking is Louisville’s improvements in local food, preservation of historic buildings, and the “City of Parks” initiative (leading to increased cycling).  It also notes Louisville’s water quality (ranked 3rd here, though I saw a study over the summer that ranked it #1) and affordable housing as positives.

And while all those criteria are things to get excited about there are plenty of things Louisville needs to improve.  In particular the city ranks low metro transit ridership, city commuting, air quality (obviously those three criteria go hand in hand- Louisville’s mass transit is basically non-existent leading to increased automobile use and therefore more pollution), and LEED buildings (not a huge deal in my book considering there hasn’t been many construction projects in the recent past).  Hopefully the city continues its upward climb and works to create a truly sustainable city (well as sustainable as cities can be).

Not surprisingly Portland, OR leads the rankings followed by two more West coast cities: San Francisco and Seattle.  You can check out the entire rankings and the method behind the madness here.


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