Italian Ramblings

Well actually ramblings on Italy, since my Italian is about as lacking as the rest of my foreign languages.  Happy Memorial Day to everybody, I hope the weather is nice and you’re kicking off the unofficial start to summer with a cookout and family.  There’s no day off for me but the Italians celebrate Republic Day on June 2nd, and its a national holiday.

  • I had my first experience with a hooker and I left disease free.  Don’t worry, I only passed four of them on the way back from the bus stop after our day trip to Bergamo.  Where we’re staying is fine, its just that the bus to Bergamo only picked up near the expressway which was a reasonable walk from our accomodations and apparently our most direct route went through a hooker hot spot.
  • Italy is full of great food.  Most of you know that Italian isn’t near the top of my favorite food list (especially pasta) but real Italian is quite tasty.  I must say that the gnocchi and the veal Milanese have been my favorites.  Not to mention I love cheese and obviously their mozzarella is delicious.  I’m not really a wine guy either, but I picked out a very tasty wine with last night’s dinner.
  • The weather has been perfect.  It has rained on only one occasion and that was they day we spent entirely inside learning some stuff.  The past few days have been in the upper 80s and lower 90s which has led us to our favorite means of relaxation:  Jumping into the Adda River canal from the bridge.


  • On the whole Italian women are “hotter” than American women.
  • And finally since I now have a group photo, I’ll introduce you to the Ball State team.  If and when I get a group photo of the Italian students, I’ll introduce you to them.
Left to Right: Kate, Jody, Me, Jonathan, Lauren, Jessie, Evan, and Antone

Left to Right: Kate, Jody, Me, Jonathan, Lauren, Jessie, Evan, and Antone (Thanks to Marco for the shot!)

Until next time, CIAO!


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