Biking to Work

Crespi d’Adda isn’t a very big town.  In fact the three towns surrounding Crespi total about 7600 people.  So that means there aren’t readily available accomodations in which to house our group.  There is one guest house within the Crespi d’Adda UNESCO site which houses five people. That house is roughly a 10 minute walk to any place within the site.  It’s perfect.  The problem is that our group numbers eight people.

That leaves three people in a fabulous bed and breakfast outside of Crespi, roughly 2 or 3 miles from the work site.  The guest house has five bicycles so the bed and breakfast crew bikes to and from Crespi each day.  I’m part of the bed and breakfast crew.  Two or three miles is really nothing, until you realize that Crespi is at the terminus of a major hill.  And I mean major, at least for somebody who doesn’t really cycle except for an occassional ride at a leisurely pace.

Going to Crespi isn’t a problem.  Its at the bottom of the major hill, so in the morning we reach speeds approaching 50 kmh.  I know this thanks to a radar set up to deter speeders.  The issue is on the return trip.  The return trip occurs after a long day of work and is usually not too long after dinner at the guest house.  And let me tell you, its a bitch.

After a week of completing the trip its not too bad, but its still not fun.  I’m pretty sure my brother Matt (the cyclist of the family) would be pretty impressed with the climb I’ve been making every day.  Maybe I can snap a picture to help illustrate the climb.  I’m not complaining.  It’s just some extra work, especially after spending the last 6 years in cities (Champaign and Muncie) where the larget climb was an over pass.


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