A Night in Milan

So longs are easier over a few alcoholic beverages.  After three weeks working with the international students from the Politecnico it was time to say, “Until next time.”  Flavia and Shuly planned a happy hour event where for the first time we gathered strictly as friends.

On the way to the bar we wandered aimlessly through the streets of Milan as we were directed toward the last must-see sights in the city.  We took a detour to what Mara described as the “best gellato in Milan.”  I’ll take it one step further and say its the best gellato I’ve ever had.  With six varieties of chocolate to choose from I was in heaven.  Dark chocolate paired with raspberry was the perfect match.  We were pointed to the best places to grab a gift for family and friends.  We got the low down on the latest hot or not in fashion.  We wandered around a political canidate’s rally for this weekend’s election.  All this on the way to the bar.

At the bar there was no talk of the project (which was successfully wrapped up hours earlier at the Politecnico) just lots of nonsensical talk.  It was fun.  As most of the group drank beverages with enough fruit in them to open a farmer’s market, I sipped on some whiskey.  Sure its not Italian, but its the Kentucky in me.  After a while some of the group split for another bar just a little ways down the road, next to San Lorenzo.  There we indulged in some Tennent’s Super beer.  Not only was it a steal at 2.50 Euro, it was also 9% alcohol.  The weather was good.  The beer even better.  The company was the best.

And as the night rolled on, we slowly began to part ways.  One by one each student said their thank yous and so longs not knowing when or where we’ll cross paths again.  So thank you and so long Mara, Flavia, Eva, Canan, Shuly, and Adrian.  It was a fucking blast and I’ll see you around.


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