The Rookie: Week 3 Day 12

I have now worked twelve days at my new job.  Of those twelve days I have spent six days in the office and six days in the field.  After tomorrow I’ll have spent more than 50% of my time outside the office.  I think I could get used to this even split between the office and the field.  Though I know as summer fades to fall and then to winter, the mix will certainly have me in the office more often than not.  But I’ll enjoy the field work while its here.

Today I was at a midrise condo on the South Side.  Currently a repair designed by my office to correct water infiltration through the windows is being implemented.  That means the new repair needs to be water tested and the installation of the repair needs to be monitored to make sure its installed properly.  It’s called construction observation.  So my day of work consisted of watching men at work.  In the process of making sure the work is being executed correctly I certainly learned a lot.  Its going to be a regular gig, once or twice a week, depending on the rest of my work load.

At the building today I incurred my first battle scar.  But don’t worry, its just a flesh wound.  When you’re without a Bandaid and in the field there’s only one way to dress the wound…

Duct tape fixes everything.  Right?

Duct tape fixes everything. Right?

Yep, its a Kleenex wrapped in duct tape to keep some pressure to stop the bleeding.  Really its just a small cut but as you know I don’t deal well with blood.  The superintendent of the project wanted to know if I disinfected it.  Yeah and then I wrapped it in duct tape.  So that reminds me to add some basic first aid to my field bag as well as to be more careful around stainless steel edges.  Though I told myself to be careful before I reached in to remove some caulk.  You live, your learn.


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