Special “Green” House Hunters Proves Hyprocrisy of “Green” Movement

I was about to turn off the TV after back to back episodes of HGTV’s Property Virgins but the network caught my attention announcing a “special” green episode of House Hunters.  So of course I had to watch.  At this point we’re only 7 minutes in and I’m angry.

  • A couple is looking to upgrade from a 800 s.f. loft.  I understand they have outgrown their current 800 s.f. but they want to at least double their square footage and have at least 3 bedrooms and 2 baths in their new place.  Extra (and most likely not/under used) square footage adds to the heating/cooling load and therefore is not green.
  • They want new construction.  Yep building a new home is very environmentally friendly when there is an available building stock from which to choose.
  • Their idea of being green is like most of the world’s understanding: peel and stick solutions such as photovoltaic (solar) cells, EnergyStar appliances, recycled glass tiles, and low VOC paints.
  • All the houses have included a grass lawn which, if they want it to remain green in California, will require watering.
  • They would have a longer commute to work.
  • I can’t continue to list all the hypocrisies of these so-called “environmentally conscious” people.

Don’t get me wrong, the peel and stick solutions are a step in the write direction, but you’re barely being  “greener” than the least green person.  Sooner or later (and we’re well past the time) we must move this idea of being “green” beyond this peel and stick solutions.  There must be a fundamental change in how we talk about and initiate evironmentally friendly changes.  Or at least lets drop the charade.  If you’re going to be green be green.  If you’re not going green don’t pretend you are with these silly gimmicks.


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