The Rookie: Week 11 Day 50

It’s been a while, and for that I apologize.  Things have been busy, but not so busy that I haven’t had time to blog.  My excuse is that for all intents and purposes most of my time has been spent on my classified Washington, D.C. project.  So really there isn’t much I can tell you and I know that reading about generalities really isn’t exciting reading.  I can mention that last week we conducted surveys to complete HABS (Historic American Building Survey) drawings for the most significant spaces in the building.  Well most of them are quite significant.  Somehow a bathroom snuck onto the list of rooms receiving HABS drawings.  At the end of the project I’ll be able to explain why, but don’t hold your breathe, that’s not until March 2011.

However, recently it seems as though two new, smaller (much smaller) projects are on the table.  One is a historic property in West Dundee, IL and the other is a RFQ/proposal for the La Point-Krebs House in Pascagoula, MS.  The projects will be along the lines of a Historic Structure Report, rehabilitation/restoration plans, and general guidance on protecting the historic buildings.  The size and scope of these two projects makes it possible for me to be involved from the start with all aspects of the project without too much involvement from a higher-up.  I’m just getting started on the legwork and will keep you up to date as the projects progress.

In the mean time check out some architectural photography I took this past weekend down at Millennium Park as well as a video of the changing colors of Zaha Hadid’s pavilion.


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