Richmond Gas Company Building

Soon the Richmond Gas Company Building will be no more.  Click here for news story.

The first time I set eyes on the Richmond Gas Company Building, I knew it was the perfect building for my thesis.  While it wasn’t exactly what I had researched during Fall Semester 2008, it fit the parameters I set forth as an ideal building.  The building had long been abandoned but through its history it had played an important role in the cultural history of Richmond, Indiana.  Because of this the building plays an important role in memory and identity of the community.  And that was the heart of my thesis.  I want the building to be preserved because of the important role its had in the area, but I also wanted to explore how the existing memory and identities associated with the building could play a role in the adaptive use.

I spent several occasions in the building.  I photographed it.  I surveyed it.  I touched it.  I experienced it.  And in the end, decided my proposed adaptive use of the Richmond Gas Company Building, would be about experiencing the building.  And in the following documents I laid out my ideas.  They are just my idea worked on for only a handful of weeks.  The important factor was preserving the building.  I presented my ideas to Richmond in April and members of the community had their own great ideas.  But it seems at this point it was all for naught.  But maybe not.

I now have a catalog of over 100 photos of the building.  I have fairly accurate architectural drawings of the building.  I have a 3d model of the building.  I have what it looks like will be the best remaining archival documents of this building.  While the building may be demolished, it will be preserved through these documents.  Is that acceptable?  No, but it seems as things have reached the end and if this is the best we have, well at least we have it.  Please check out the documents below.  Some of the information included are: historic photos, building history, existing photos (as of January 2009), proposed adaptive use changes to the building, and much more.  All the items are COPYRIGHT 2009 Gregory Dowell.  If you want to re-use them, please contact me for permission.  Over the next few days I will be creating a photo gallery with the best photos I have of the building.

(Please be patient when downloading files.)

Richmond Gas Company Building PowerPoint Presentation

Richmond Gas Company Building Book Report

Richmond Gas Company Building Thesis Report

– Gregory Dowell


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