The Richmond Gas Company building is no more.  Following the unfortunate events of last October the decision to demolish the building was swiftly decided upon.  Less than three months later the city of Richmond followed through on its plans.  I learned this news today from Paul Hamilton, who along with Jim Hair and myself, are without a doubt the resident historians of this building.  From the time I found the building, created a future for it, and its demolition, less than one year passed.  I’m glad to have a catalog of photos, floor plans, and 3D models to document the building.  In the near future I hope to organized this library and make it available online.

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Dan Tate has also done a great job documenting this building and I direct you to his blog, here, to see not only historic photos of the Richmond Gas Company building, but also pictures of it’s demolition.  Paul Hamilton also has a bevy of pictures of the building after its demolition here.



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