Where in the World?

Now a quick break in the action for a shameless plug. Here it is, my first published book. I’ve come a long way from my Young Author’s Award in 1st grade. That winning book may actually have more text then my newest, “Where In The World? Select Photographs from Peru, Italy, Germany, Budapest, and Prague”, considering it is a photo book.

Featuring 140 of my favorite photographs from my 2009 international travel, the book is loaded with vibrant full page spreads and other artfully laid out pages.

And while the majority of the book is beautiful photos, I do take a page to describe the stories behind the photos from each country.

For a limited time, you can purchase the book at cost. That makes the price $35.70 (plus shipping and handling). So if you want a copy act now. I really enjoyed making this book – from taking the photographs, to selecting my favorites (no easy task), to compiling the book, that I’ve decided to make another featuring photographs of Chicago. Now I’m just waiting for the weather to improve.

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