Surviving the Downturn with Technology

The guys over at are featuring some interesting points of view from the FIATECH 2010 Technology Conference on the relationship between software and the down economy.  Of particular interest is the video below, which features answers to this question that was posed,

“In a down economy, are you just seeing software purchases scaled back, or are some organizations using the slow time to “get their house in order” and improve efficiency with new software?”

You’ll notice there are two distinct answers coming from the people interviewed.  One is that available software will help offset costs by being efficient, where people can’t be.  With few projects around, companies have to be as efficient as possible to reap the limited benefits.

The other answer is that software sales are hurting because there are fewer projects and therefore fewer people using the software.  I don’t know how valid this statement is considering the infrequency in which software is bought.  Though companies could be foregoing upgrades while things are slow and new customers are not as willing to purchase software, that no matter how efficient it may make things, is never inexpensive.

With the proper use of software companies can make due during the recession and then continue to excel once the economy has returned to “normal”.  While it may be difficult to innovate when the customers aren’t there, software and technology makers need to continue to further the field.  Technology will be forever linked to the building industry and a happy medium has yet to be found.

The other video addresses this aspect by asking,

“What are the coolest, and most promising technologies at this year’s show?”

Please check out the videos, here.


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