The Ultimate Log Cabin

I just completed a 10 day road trip from Chicago to Yellowstone and back.  During the course of the 3500+ mile trip most nights we camped out in a two-person tent.  However, there was one notable exception, and that was when we crashed at the historic Old Faithful Inn.  In simple terms, the Old Faithful […]

America through the HABS Archives: Louisville Water Tower

We’ll continue the “America through the HABS Archives” series by taking a look at the Louisville Water Tower and Pump Station #1.  Designed by Theodore Scowden and constructed in 1856 the Louisville Water Tower is the oldest ornamental water tower in the world.  I wonder how many of you knew that, as I certainly did […]


building (n.)

1. a usually roofed and walled structure built for permanent use (as for a dwelling)

2. the art or business of assembling materials into a structure

building (v.)

1. to form by ordering and uniting materials by gradual means into a composite whole : construct

bloc (n.)

1. a combination of persons, groups, or nations forming a unit with a common interest or purpose

block (n.)

1. a hollow rectangular building unit usually of artificial material

2. a usually rectangular space (as in a city) enclosed by streets and occupied by or intended for buildings

building block (n.)

1. a unit of construction or composition; especially : something essential on which a larger entity is based

The Building Bloc(k) is meant as a forum to discuss all things architecture along with the allied fields. Architecture is both my passion and my profession so at any given time architecture holds various sways over me. Usually it excites. Occasionally it angers. Sometimes it confuses. But no matter what emotion it evokes, architecture not only needs but deserves a discussion (sometimes serious, sometimes fun) to advance the field in a positive direction. Please join the discussion.

– thebldgbloc(k)